Where to Travel in 2018? Check these destinations out

Top Travel Destinations to Visit in 2018

Treading into the unknown, anticipating magical moments, nervousness turning into excitement, the new year always brings with it new opportunities.

Not different from the previous years, yet distinctively unique, 2018 has also produced a new list of places to explore.

For all types of travelers from the ones who love to pamper themselves, to the ones who like to wander, this is a comprehensive list of the top travel destinations to visit in 2018!

Before you start off planning a trip this year, browse through this list and set out to one of these for your next adventure!

Pamper Yourself



Italy is a like a melody. With every note describing its diverse culture, the melodious symphony of this country will keep echoing in your ears, years after your visit.

From the Amalfi Coast to Rome and Venice, this is the land where you can indulge in the most delicious food, archaic villages, stunning natural spots and perfectly beautiful people.

With villas, resorts and unique travel sites, treat yourself to the most luxurious vacation here.



Another place that will spoil you is Portugal. Overlooking the North Atlantic Ocean that flaunts its varied hues, you can surf, sail and paddle in the blue waves, or dive in to explore its treasures.

From precious natural sites to historical buildings, nothing can compare to a quiet evening stroll along the cobblestone pathways, taking in the golden vision that this country is famous for.

A paradise for food lovers, the stroll will soon turn into a gastronomical adventure, with warm spices drawing you to their traditional dishes.

Easy on the Pocket

sri lanka travel

Sri Lanka

The beauty spot of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is the land of mountains and beaches, religion and adventure, all combined to make the most exotic dish.

Often considered to be mythologically very important by its neighbors, it is one of the best destinations for all those looking for relaxation and rejuvenation.

A value package it is, this country will not only satisfy a budget traveler but also delight the wanderer with the range of activities that it offers.



Although Poland has been seeing a steady crowd of tourists over the past few years, it remains to be one of the best destinations that are value for money.

Not only is it easy on the pocket, but the experiences that the entire country offers are in itself nothing short of a miracle. While its primary cities may be one bearing the load of tourism, head out to the hidden tresses of this land to get the best out of it.

The Green, the Blue… The New You

south africa

South Africa

From swimming with sharks to watching whales and from safaris to hot air balloon migration shows, South Africa is a destination that can never be overrated.

A perfect picture wherever you look, the golden grass and warm sunshine brings with it a pride of lions, a vision that’ll stay with you all your life.

Include the best in your itinerary to make this an adventure of a lifetime!

chile nat geo


A hidden gem, Chile is one of the best travel destinations for all nature lovers.

Blessed with open landscapes, deserts, mountains, the ocean and the forests, this country offers you a colossal picture of nature, one that can exclusively be viewed here.

Delve into its beauties and breathe in the fragrances of nature.

Once Upon a Time In…



With its culture and tradition that dates back to an unknown era, this rich kingdom boasts of some stunning temples.

Architecture at its best, traverse the narrow lanes, the woods, and the cities to squeeze out the real essence of this kingdom.

Opt for homestays and self-exploration to create an everlasting story of this land in your head.



The land of pharaohs, this country still seems to be one mystical land. Its expanse of desert, lightly ornate with temples and tombs, there is much to see here along with the mesmerizing pyramids.

With parts of its history still unknown and bits and pieces being revealed today, this is one destination that is ever evolving, every day bringing something new with it.

With a different part of the world reflecting something vibrant, dynamic and unparalleled, it may seem confusing to decide on the best destination.


Plan a trip to any of these this year and make the most of what 2018 presents.

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