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About Nomadic Nirvana


How it all BEGAN?

I made the Decision to be a Professional Travel Blogger during Second Year of Graduation in Information Technology.I realized that I made a Bad Choice by choosing Information Technology because it just was no my Thing.I did not want to sit on a Desk for my Whole Life.So the Last Two Years of my Graduation, gave me a lot of time to think about my passion.

I used to research into different fields and differents related to Travel  Jobs.That’s when I found about Travel Blogging.

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What is it all ABOUT?

Nomadic Nirvana focuses on Inspiring People to Travel more, to Enjoy Life and Live the Adventure.

What is Project Aamchi Mumbai, Duniyachi Mumbai?

Aamchi Mumbai, Duniyachi Mumbai

Aamchi Mumbai, Duniyachi Mumbai is my Project or just a way to return my Home Mumbai.I want to increase Mumbai Tourism drastically.I want people to experience in a New Perspective.So my Blog will focus a lot on Mumbai Tourism.

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Hope I MAKE you Laugh, Inspire to Jump  Start your Journey and  Always let me Know if I did!