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Have You Seen these Hidden Travel Gems in Mumbai ???

Hidden Gems of Mumbai

There are Many Tourist Places in Mumbai, but some places are rarely visited or less visited which deserves a visit by every tourist who visits Mumbai.So these are those Hidden Gems.

Mumbai the City that never sleeps or the City with Amazing Coastline, the Natural Port or City which has 175 Caves therefore also known as City of Caves or the City with Awesome Street Food.So Mumbai has lot of things to see, Forts, Caves, National Park, Mumbai Street Food and a Lot more.

But Tourism in Mumbai is limited to only few places.And there are a lot of Places which needs to be appreciated and so these are some of those Hidden Gems in Mumbai :


1 . Gilbert Hill

Gilbert Hill

Gilbert Hill is a 66 million years old monolithic column formation of black basalt rock.It ages back to the Mesozoic Era also known as the Age of Reptiles.There is only Two Similar Formation in the World, the first one is the Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming, and other is the Devils Postpile National Monument in Eastern California, USA.

Best Time to Visit: During Sunset

How to get there? : Just a 15-20 min walk from Azad Nagar Metro Station

2 . Mahakali Caves

Mahakali caves

The Mahakali Caves are a group of 19 rock-cut monuments built between 1st century BCE and 6th century CE carved out of a solid black basalt rock.These beautifully carved caves were there since the time of Ashokan empire.

3 . Jogeshwari Caves

Jogeshwari Caves

The Jogeshwari Caves one the largest caves regarding the length were built after the work of Ajanta Caves came to a halt.Later some of the artisans from the Ajanta went to the West of Maharastra and the First Hindu Cave Temple, which is the Jogeshwari Caves was made.

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4 . Kanheri Caves

Kanheri Caves

The Kanheri Caves dates back to 1st century BC and are believed to be one of the oldest cave formations of the country.They are also known as the ‘Lungs of Mumbai,’ because this is the only place in the city with the maximum amount of greenery and consequently, much fresh air.

4 . Kwan Kung Temple

Kwan Tai Kwon

Built in 1919 Kwan Kung Temple is recognized as a Chinese temple locally is the only Chinese shrine in Mumbai. The Chinese inhabitants constructed it during the time they lived on Nawab Tank Road near Dockyard.It is a landmark in the region and a nostalgic reminder of the flourishing community that once lived here.

5 . Maharashtra Nature Park

Maharastra nature park

Once a city garbage dump, now a forest after being conceived by the WWF-India in the late 1970s.After Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Maharastra Nature Park also known as Mahim Nature Park is a vital green lung for pollution-ridden Mumbai.

6 . Sewri Fort

Sewri Fort

Primarily for defense by the British, Sewri Fort served as a watch tower, atop a quarried hill overlooking the Mumbai harbor.It is a Grade I heritage structure, and there are Projects to restore it.The Fort was used to house prisoners, and later it was converted as a Bombay Port Trust godown.

7 . Sion Fort

Sion Fort

Sion Fort notified as a Grade I Heritage structure in 1925 is near Jawaharlal Nehru Udyan.Sion Fort offers a panoramic view, overlooking the salt pans in the Thane Creek.It was built under the regime of the English East India Company.

8 . Sewri Flamingo Point

Sewri Flamingo Point

Sewri Flamingo Point or Sewri Jetty is in the eastern suburb of Mumbai named Sewri. It consists of Marshy, Swamp. It is Best know for the migratory birds that come here yearly primarily the Flamingos.

9 . Prince of Wales Museum

Prince of Wales Museum

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya a Grade I Heritage building, also known as the Prince of Wales Museum, is among the premier art and history museums in India.  It was made to provide a museum to honor the visit of the Prince of Wales, the Future King George V in 1904.

10 . Global Vipassana Pagoda

PagodaAmong the largest stone monuments in Asia, the Global Vipassana Pagoda has the Biggest pillar-less stone dome in the world.At its center is a giant meditation hall, 280 feet in diameter which is has a seating capacity of about 8000 people.It was created as a replica of the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar.

11 . Sahara Cricket Gaurav Point

Sahara Cricket Gaurav Point

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation gives Cricket lovers a reason to smile. BMC along with Sahara (an Indian business conglomerate) created a gallery dedicated to the sport of Cricket in Andheri the largest suburb of Mumbai.

12 . Mumba Devi Temple

Mumba Devi Temple

The Mumbadevi Temple is six centuries old.Mumbai city name originates from the Goddess Mumbadevi, and therefore, this temple is truly an important structure for the people of this beautiful city.The Original temple was demolished by the British to provide additional space for fortifications in 1675 AD and rebuilt later in 1737 AD.

13 . Nipponzan Myohoji Temple

Nipponzan Myohoji Temple

Nipponzan Myohoji – a Japanese Buddhist Monastery founded by Nichidatsu Fujii Guruji.The First Disciple to fulfill this Prophetic vision of Nichiren Diashonin as the only way to repay gratitude to the Buddha in his original land of dharma. There are annual ceremonies held on 1st January, Ambedkar Jayanti, Buddha Jayanti and during Dussehra.

14 . Gaondevi Temple

Gaondevi Temple

The Gaondevi Temple is on top of Gilbert Hill which was mentioned earlier in the blog.You have to climb the steep stairs leading to the beautiful temple dedicated to Goddess Durga. There is also a garden along with the temple, and the soft green grass here is perfect for sunny afternoons. The Panoramic View of the whole city which is best to visit during Sunset.

15 . Mandapeshwar Caves

Mandapeshwar Caves

The Mandapeshwar Caves is an 8th Century rock-cut shrine dedicated to Shiva.It has probably the most violent past of all the Mumbai caves. The Portuguese targeted and they also asserted their religious beliefs on it by literally building a monastery and a church dedicated to ‘Our Lady of Immaculate Conception’ on top of the cave temple.

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  1. Awesome places to visit in Mumbai. Foreigners will not believe that such historical, calm places exist here. I want to visit these spots or at least caves in forthcoming vacation. Thank you very much for this post.

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