Planning for a Trek in Bhutan? Make sure not to miss these

bhutan Trekking Holidays

It is time to head for a vacation with your loved ones and enjoy the time to the fullest. If you are planning to have something new and contemporary to experience, then think no beyond to Bhutan trekking holidays.

Bhutan has a lot to offer to the adventure lovers, and have everything that will turn your vacation into a beautiful and an everlasting memory to cherish.

Bhutan trekking holidays will offer you great opportunities for making your trekking trip excessive thrill and fun. Trekking enthusiasts who come to this exotic place explore the real sense of adventure that they have never experienced before.

If you are also planning on making a trekking holiday to this beautiful place, then let me help you on how to make your trip all the more exciting and fulfilled by telling some of the best treks you can do when you are in Bhutan.

Below, I am mentioning some of the enchanting places in Bhutan that you should not miss when you want to trek. So, here I go-

bhutan Trekking Holidays

The Jhomolhari Trek

Introducing one of the most exciting and astonishing treks that will just blow away your mind; it is an eight days trek that is extremely popular among the trekking enthusiasts.  What makes this trek extra thrilling is its moderately challenging way.

It attracts a significant number of visitors because of the spectacular views it has to offer them. The mountain Jhomolhari bestrides the border between Bhutan and Tibet. If you are going there, then you can consider taking out time to have a look at the celebration of Jomolhari mountain festival.

The time of the festival celebration varies every year. Here, the festival includes the celebration of the local culture of the small villages around the base of the mountain.

bhutan Trekking Holidays

Snowman Trek

This is again one of the best trek in Bhutan. Also, it is said to be one of the most challenging treks in the world as well. It will take you approximately 25 days to complete the trek, depending on the point where you started from.

What makes the trek difficult is the isolation of the country being visited. It is because there are a few villages around the base of the mountain and most probably the helicopter evacuation could be slim.

Alongside the challenges that the trek could bring in front of you, this is one of those exquisite places in Bhutan that you should not give a miss.

While planning for this trek, make sure to extend your vacation duration, as it would take your time to complete this trek in the Himalayas.

I would suggest you visit the place during October, just after the monsoon ends, as this is considered to be the best time to trek and see the alluring views around.

bhutan Trekking Holidays

Druk Path Trek

If you are planning for a short trek, then this would be the best trekking option for you. The trek will take up to six days, which is relatively short and offers exclusive trekking experience in Bhutan.

Your trek would be started from somewhere near the Paro, and it will lead towards Thimphu that lies in the adjacent valley. The trek will take you over the mountains, which will add an extra dash of a thrill to your trekking.

Pack your bags, and head to Druk Path and make your trekking vacation all the more fun.

If you are interested in planning a trekking holiday in Bhutan, then you can look for a tour and travel company that can help you to make it a successful vacation. Many companies can help you to book hotel accommodation, transport, and other facilities so that you can make a trip to Bhutan satisfied and comfortable.

Also, if you want to trek solo, you better be trained in mountaineering or have much experience.

I would suggest you go for an online search to find out a reliable tour and travel company that can give you the best package for your Bhutan trekking holidays, depending on your needs and budget.

The exceptional thing is that there are many online companies available out there, which is engaged in planning Bhutan trekking holidays for the travel enthusiasts.

You can compare the travel packages of different tour companies, and can get in touch with the one that you think is the best approach for you.

However, make sure that the company you are getting in touch with has an excellent reputation in the market so that you can be guaranteed of getting high-quality services.

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