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Andharban-Trail through the Dark Foggy Jungle

Andharban trail

Is Trekking an Alternative for Clubbing ?

I learned about this trek when my friend-a regular clubber, pinged on me after a year, seeing my trek pics on Instagram. Excited she asked me about the next trek I was planning.

The word Andharban means The Dense Dark Forest derived from two Marathi words ‘Andhar‘ means Darkness and ‘Ban‘ stands for the dense jungle.

It is a trek which descends, since the trek begins at a height and keep descending till the end. It is one of the most beautiful treks which had lots of things to explore. I wanted to explore Andharban for a long time and had heard from many trekkers about its beauty.

andharban dam

Crossing the Dam

I was aware that Mumbai Pune Adventures conducted treks to the Andharban and my experience with Mumbai Pune Adventures was brilliant.  So my buddy and I booked ourselves right away for the Trek and there, started my trail to the Dark Foggy Jungle aka Andharban.

We were picked up by the bus at 10.30 pm next to Pritam Hotel in Dadar East on Saturday.  It was a five-hour journey, but full of fun and frolic all the way –  playing Antakshari.  My team had some strong members who not only remembered the song name, but also remembered all the lyrics.

andharban foggy blog

Foggy in Andharban

When we were nearing the base, the fog was so thick that the head lights of the bus could not penetrate it.  We had a skilled driver, that is for sure.  On reaching the base, we took a walk through the pitch dark, foggy area.

And then the sun rose bringing the smell of breakfast “Maharashtrian Poha.”The moment, of having hot Poha with a view of the Sahyadris in the monsoon and a waterfall in front , is something that can only be experienced and can’t be described.After the simple breakfast, we started on the trail right away.

The trail encompasses an excellent 13 km walk through the beautiful foggy forest, crossing of three river streams and going through different terrains.Trek through Andharban is Paradise for the one who loves photography.

Maharastrian Poha

Maharastrian Poha

But in this trek, I rarely took photos, just about 10 to 12 photos.
I think, all of us, should sometimes just forget that we have a mobile or even camera and get a digital detox.
Just keep your equipment down and just feel the vibe of nature.
Feel the winds.
Feel the chill, you get when the cold wind passes through your wet clothes, and a chill runs through your spine.
Feel every goosebump.
Listen to every drop of rain falling into the mud.
Listen to the flow of a river and falls there.
Sniff the fresh earthy smell of earth that comes while it rains.
Open yourself to Mother Nature for a while, forget about everything.

That’s what I did in the Andharban trail.

Andharbhan RiverFalls in Andharbans

The trek begins with the crossing of a dam. We all held each other’s hands while crossing this patch.  The trek takes you through many different landscapes, colorful wild flowers everywhere.  The evergreen forest provides you with shade in the first half of the trek. While on the route, we were able to experience the beauty of places like Ghangad, Tailbaila, Sarasgad, Plus valley, Tamhini ghat and Kundalika valley.  A visual treat .

One has to cross three  rivers in the course of trek – at this juncture, it is advisable that an experienced person stand in between the river and help other cross the river. After crossing all three rivers, it leads to another variant of the thick forest trail.  Once the forest trail ends, it opens up into a simple walk through the open area for few kilometers and then concludes with an impressive descent.


And when it comes to descending, as usual, I love to run down rather than slowly coming down.  My friend was initially afraid, and then even she started enjoying the fast descent.  We both ran down  the descend just like I did in Kalsubai trek.

andharban trail

Andharban Trek View

However, this time it ended by jumping into the river.  Playing in the river, splashing water on each other and just lying still in the river was one of best parts of the trek.  Do spend as much time you can in the river playing, because it is the last part of the trek.  After you cross the river, we arrive at yet another dam called the Bhira dam, which is also the source of the Kundalika river which is famous for its White Water Rafting.  30% of the trek is all descend, and remaining is normal walking.

andharban hill trek forest

Landscape View in Andharban Trek

At the base, we were picked by our bus.  A quick change of clothes and then Lunch,   Hot Vadapav and Misal Pav.  Yummy!!

All thoughts of fitness and diet vanish at the end of the long trek, and all of us tucked in hungrily.

After the lunch, we started back for Mumbai on the bus.

andharban haunted

Foggy in Andharban

Major Attractions:

A lovely trek in evergreen forest in Tamhini Ghat.
The enchanting view of Bhira dam backwaters
Kundalika valley views
Waterfalls all the way
The experience of crossing the streams and bathing in them
Also, the serene valley at the bottom.

For more Details: Mumbai Pune Adventures

My Experience with Mumbai Pune Adventures has been pretty crazy.

Would be coming again soon!!!!

Tell me about your moments?


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