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Dear Advertising Partner of Nomadic Nirvana, thank you for your interest in advertising in Nomadic Nirvana.This website focuses on the following themes:


Budget travel

Solo travel

Travel photography

Adventure travel

Luxury Travel

Around the World Travel

Anything Related  to Mumbai Tourism

Food Destinations

Music destinations

Off the Beaten Path Travel

Fitness Travel

Travel + Reviewing hotels

Cultural Travel

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Advertisement & Partnership

Recognizing that each and every partnership is significantly different, we offer our clients with a comprehensive selection of ad solutions. I will be selective with partners, choosing only those companies/services that meet up with the Quality Niche of Travel Blogs.

I seek Long-term partnerships with businesses who are committed to delivering quality services or products that are user-centric. 

I also seek for Sponsorship with Business related to Travel.










How to  Direct Advertise in Nomadic Nirvana?


To proceed with the advertising partnership, please send the following details to [email protected]


  1. Campaign Name
  2. Banner Type
  3. Campaign Start Date
  4. Campaign End Date
  5. Advertiser Name
  6. Advertiser Contact Details
  7. Advertiser Logo (Please attach official logo)
  8. Actual Banner Ad (please attach the ad)
  9. Sponsorship

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But you can Inquire and Book ad slots at Nomadic Nirvana. Here are the available spots:

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I accept Giveaway offers. Contact me for a custom quote.


If you have a Creative Idea for an ad placement or running a media campaign, feel free to contact me. Creative ideas are always welcome.