While speaking about Mumbai, the first thing that comes to mind is Mumbai Street Foods.   The street food of Mumbai is one of the unique characteristics of the city and is an integral part of Aamchi Mumbai.

While street food is common all over India,  in Mumbai, it is patronized by individuals across all economic classes since it is relatively inexpensive, freshly made and the taste is preferred to restaurants.The Mumbaikar cuts across barriers of class, religion, gender, and ethnicity when it is comes to street food.The Mumbai City Food Culture is known to be developed by street food vendors selling their items from makeshift stalls, mostly clustered around crowded areas like railway stations and colleges.

21+1. Bhutta

Monsoon Rainy Bhutta

Bhutta or Roasted Corn is always available around the streets of Mumbai during Monsoon Season. It is roasted on a coal stove on top of the wooden cart. The corn is roasted and it is applied with lemon, salt, and Chilli Powder.  The best place to eat is Marine Drive or Chowpatty Beach.

21. Masala Pav

Masala Pav Mumbai

Masala Pav is prepared by stuffing spicy tomato-onion gravy inside butter-laden pavs.  Sometimes, the Pav is simply roasted on the tava with butter, lots of coriander and pav bhaji masala. Do ask for cheese along with it for a richer feel.

20 . Kheema Pav

Keema Pav

Kheema Pav is a Spicy Indian curry, Non-vegetarian snack made out of Minced meat (usually mutton mince). It is served along with with buttered pav.   The dish perhaps started in the Irani Restaurants of Mumbai and then shot to popularity around the world as street food.

19 . Chinese Bhel

Chinese Bhel Mumbai

Chinese bhel is fast food originated from Mumbai. An Awesome combination with Deep Fried Noodles with finely chopped onions, capsicum, carrots, cabbage and various other vegetables with soy and schezwan sauce.

18. Chocolate Sandwich

Chocolate Sandwich

chocolate sandwich is a grilled sandwich with grated chocolate and with a hot chocolate filling. With your first bite, hot chocolate just pours into your mouth.

17. Bhaji Pav

Bhaji Pav Mumbai Bombay

A Bhaji is a spicy Indian snack or entree dish similar to a fritter, with several variants. It is also referred as Pakoda or Pakora in other parts of India.   It is a popular street food in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and West Bengal in India and is easily found in the street food menu. Kandha (Onion) Bhaji, Mirchi (Chilli) Bhaji and  Batata (Potato) Bhaji are the common variants found.

16. Gola

Gola Chowpatty


Gola is a variation of shaved ice or ground-up ice desserts also known as Snow Cones in America and Europe.  Crushed ice is made into a lump by hand and mounted on a stick to make the lollipop stick or foam cups and is topped with flavored sugar syrup.  A Popular Flavor is Kala Khatta is a syrup made from the jambul fruit in India.  Kala khatta syrup and seasonings like salt and pepper are then poured on the Gola Stick.

15. Falooda

Falooda Mumbai

Falooda is the  Dessert to have after the Lunch on a summer afternoon.  It is popular throughout Asian as well as in Middle East countries. It is a colorful, delicious and yummy beverage cum dessert recipe is a mixture of rose syrup, vermicelli, psyllium (ispaghol) or basil (sabza/takmaria) seeds, tapioca pearls and pieces of gelatin with milk or water. In Mumbai, you can have a good falooda anywhere in the streets just be sure of the hygiene. Mostly the Hawkers serving falooda and Icecream appear after evening. However, you still can have a good falooda at Chowpatty and Juhu Chowpatty at whenever you go there.

14. Ragda Pattice

Ragda Pattice Chaat


Ragda patties is a favorite fast food which is a part of the street food of Maharashtra especially Mumbai and Gujarat. It is believed to be a variation of the traditional aloo tikki found in North Indian cuisine.

12. Bhel Puri

Bhel Puri

Bhelpuri is derived from two words Bhel a Marathi word and Puri an unleavened deep-fried bread. It is a savory snack and is also a type of chaat. It is made out of puffed rice, vegetables, and a tangy tamarind sauce. Bhelpuri is made from puffed rice, and Sev mixed with potatoes, onions, Chaat masala and chutney, and mixture (a combination of different types of fried snacks), as the base of the snack. Various chutneys impart a sweet, tangy or spicy flavor. There are two types of chutneys used: a dark brown sweet one made mainly from dates and tamarind (saunth chutney) and a spicy green chutney made from coriander leaves and green chilies.

11. Dahi Puri

Dahi Puri Chowpatty

Dahi puri is a mixture of Bhelpuri, chutney, papdi and savored with a lot of curds.   It is a snack that is especially popular in the State of Maharashtra, India.  The dish is a kind of chaat and originates from the town of Mumbai.  It is served with small puri shells, which are as popularly as the dish Pani Puri. Usually, Dahi Puri and Pani Puri chaats tend to be sold by the same vendor.

13. Sandwich

Sandwich Mumbai

You will find nothing like a Bombay sandwich topped with Sev (Crunchy noodles made from chickpea flour paste) to stop those hunger pangs. Sandwiches plays an important role in Mumbai Street food.  The sandwich is common on the Mumbai streets; this is a famous street food that you can feast on no matter how short of time you are. Each sandwich is neatly cut into six equal pieces and served with tomato ketchup and chutney with Sev topping on it.


10. Dabeli

Dabeli Aamchi Mumbai

The word Dabeli means “pressed” in the Gujarati language and is the name of another famous street food in Mumbai. It is made using Dabeli masala, and putting the mixture between Pav and served with chutneys created from tamarind, date, garlic, red chilies, etc. and garnished with pomegranate and roasted peanuts. It is known to be invented by one Keshavji Gabha Chudasama alias Kesha Malam, a resident of Mandvi, Kutch in the 1960s.  His shop is still there in Mandvi, area city of Kutch region and his next generations now carry business.  Today Dabeli masala in the town is said to be most authentic. The dabeli can be, therefore, referred to as Kachchhi dabeli or Kutchi dabeli taking its cue through the region of the origin.

9. Medu Wada

Udupi Medu Wada

“Medu” is the Kannada word for “soft”; thus “medu vada” literally means “soft fritter.” The dish was again introduced outside South India by Udupi restaurateurs of Mumbai. Thanks to the Udupi Restaurants it has become an important dish in Mumbai Street Food. The medu vada is made primarily of black lentils (urad dal) batter. The black lentils are soaked in water for several hours and then ground to a paste.  It is then patted into doughnut-shaped and fried in oil until golden brown.  The dish is usually served with sambar (split pea stew) and coconut chutney.


8. Chinese Bhajiya

Chinese Bhajiya Mumbai

Being an Indo-Chinese Lover, I just can’t resist Chinese Bhajiya. The Spicy and Hot Bhajiya is a fusion of standard Indo-Chinese ingredients cooked in Indian style Bhajiya. These Bhajiya are similar to Manchurian but they are crispier, and they are fried using schezwan sauce which gives them the Hot Red color.


7. Anda Pav(Egg Pav)

Anda Pav Mumbai

In Mumbai, every street food has a timing. So the street hawkers who serve Anda pav start after 6:00 pm.  For Egg Lovers, Anda Pav is a must try. On the Menu, you will find Anda pav, Omelette Pav, and last but not the least Spicy Bhurji Pav.

6. Frankie

Frankie Best Mumbai

Frankie, a popular and cheaper version of the wraps and rolls.   It was started in Mumbai by Mr. Amarjit Tibbs, a Mumbaiker.  He along with his wife attempted to recreate the yummy Lebanese Pita Wrap with an Indian twist.  He succeeded in making it similar to the pita wrap yet not quite the same. Mr. Tibbs named it after his Favorite Cricket Player Frank Worrell, hence the name Frankie.


5. Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa Udupi
Masala dosa.This is one dish which as high in nutritive value as it is in taste.   This dish has its origins in the famous temple town of Udupi in the southern state of Karnataka.  It’s a flat crispy pancake of fermented rice and lentil batter which is folded and stuffed with a mixture made of mashed potatoes which are given a tempering of mustard seeds, onions, curry leaves, urad dal    (black lentil).The yellow color of the filling comes from turmeric powder. This dish can be eaten at any time of the day.  Masala dosa was listed among the World’s 50 most delicious foods as published by CNN in 2011.


4. Pani Puri

Pani Puri Chowpatty

The Pani Puri is another famous chaat of Mumbai.   The  Round, Hollow Puri, fried crisp and filled with a mixture of flavored water (Pani), tamarind chutney, chili, Chaat Masala, Potato, onion, and chickpeas just tempts every Mumbaikar. There is nothing better for a Mumbaiker to have than a Spicy, Hot Pani Puri during Monsoon and Winter.  I never forgot to ask for the Sukka puri after finishing.

Favourite Pani Puri : Chowpatty, Prashant Corner and Elco Pani Puri

3. Samosa

Samosa Mumbai

Samosa is one of the most famous deep fried snacks in India.   Most Indians would have fond memories of having piping hot samosas along with fresh green chutney on most family occasions be it birthdays, anniversaries or get together.

Dough made of wheat flour is shaped into triangular pockets stuffed with savory vegetarian/meat filling and then, deep fried in oil.  The Traditional samosa in India is the vegetarian one stuffed with a spicy filling of potatoes and green peas.  However, samosas also come stuffed with Kheema ( Kheema is Hindi for mince meat typically chicken or lamb).

Favorite Samosa: Iskcon, Juhu

 2. Pav Bhaji

Mumbai Pav Bhaji
If Vada Pav is the King of Mumbai Fast Food, then Pav bhaji is the Queen of Mumbai Fast Food.    The combination of  Mashed Potatoes, Tomatoes, Onions and many other mixed vegetables together into a thick vegetable curry served with a big dollop of butter on it, and Pav fried in butter makes for an awesome dish and has the Mumbaikar drooling over it.

My Favorite Pav Bhaji: Chowpatty

1. Vadapav

Mumbai Vadapav

The Humble Vadapav, the Savior of Mumbaikar, is one of the most fast selling street foods in Mumbai.

The Vada Pav was started by Ashok Vaidya, who had a stall outside Dadar station. Ashok Vaidya made an innovation by putting the Vada within the Pav with a layer of Dry Garlic Chutney for flavor. The Combination was a Hit as we know, and the Vada Pav was born.  Deep-fried mashed potato patties, Chili peppers, ginger, and garlic are the primary ingredients.  It is always served with Fried Salted Chilies.

Favourite Vadapav  : Ashok Vadapav: Kirti College, Dadar West, Mumbai

Last but not the least Cutting Chai

Cutting Chai Aamchi Mumbai

The Word ‘ Cutting Chai ‘ means a Half Cup Tea. In Mumbai, Street Tea Vendor would always ask you, Full Chai or Cutting Chai.  It might be very much surprising and confusing for a Non-Mumbaikar to understand what is Cutting Chai and how much it means to a Mumbaikar. The Street Food in Mumbai is Just not complete without having a Cutting Chai.

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    1. Thank You, Manoj,
      If Vada pav is your Favourite, you should go to Ashok Vadapav near Dadar Chowpatty and the Second Best Vada Pav is the Jai Maharashtra Vadapav outside Apna Bazaar, Andheri West.

  1. Vada Pav is the famous dish of Mumbai. Although we can taste rest of them in most parts of India. Vada Pav and Pav Bhaji are like King and Queen of street food in Mumbai as you said. Pictures are great. Hope you are having a great time travelling. Enjoy.

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